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A Key Legal Shield For Facebook, Google and Your Website Is About To Change

A 1996 statute some say is “a core pillar of Internet freedom” and “the law that gave us modern Internet” may soon see a change. A critical component of free speech online, Section 230 still sits at the heart of a major question about the modern Internet: How much responsibility do online platforms have for how their users behave or get treated?

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Facebook’s Latest Privacy Failure is Not Its First

Mark Zuckerberg, head of online social giant Facebook, admits that he “made mistakes” in allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvestĀ personal information for 50 million of its users. Yes, he GAVE it to them. Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg is perhaps more honest saying it is a “major violation of people’s trust.”

What may be more import – This is not the first time Facebook and its business leaders “Made Mistakes” and broke the public trust…

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