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A Key Legal Shield For Facebook, Google and Your Website Is About To Change

A 1996 statute some say is “a core pillar of Internet freedom” and “the law that gave us modern Internet” may soon see a change. A critical component of free speech online, Section 230 still sits at the heart of a major question about the modern Internet: How much responsibility do online platforms have for how their users behave or get treated?

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Facebook’s Latest Privacy Failure is Not Its First

Mark Zuckerberg, head of online social giant Facebook, admits that he “made mistakes” in allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvest¬†personal information for 50 million of its users. Yes, he GAVE it to them. Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg is perhaps more honest saying it is a “major violation of people’s trust.”

What may be more import – This is not the first time Facebook and its business leaders “Made Mistakes” and broke the public trust…

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